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B is the brainchild of Peter Nicholson and Jeff Larsen.  It’s a place to share ideas about innovation, the economy, science and society, with a focus on Nova Scotia, the Atlantic provinces and Canada. Bernie Miller has joined us in publishing on this site.

If you are someone who studies or develops strategies and political policies, with a keen interest in and aptitude for technical details and innovative thinking then you just might be a policy wonk!

As we develop this we anticipate including a wide range of perspectives from a variety of policy-makers and critical thinkers. Take a look at our Blog for examples of what we are currently covering. Or visit our Reports & Publications section to see where we’re being published or mentioned.

There are many areas of interest for our site. We write on specific issues like COVID-19 or on broader issues of government policy. The economy, economic policy, climate change, healthcare, and energy all get touched on in our work.

Recently published posts include Catching The Wind: How Atlantic Canada Can Become an Energy Superpower, The Perils of Forced Growth: Lessons for Canada From Nova Scotia’s Experience, Economic Policy and Wellbeing, and Perspectives On Health Care In Canada.

If you are interested in becoming a Policy Wonk please fill out the form below.

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The Policy Wonks are Dr. Peter Nicholson, Jeff Larsen, and Bernie Miller.

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